Sanction races with Arkansas Elite Barrel Racing and draw more contestants.


Producers can sanction as many races as you wish between January 1st and December 31st. Contestants must attend 10 races that are Arkansas Elite Barrel Racing sanctioned in order to attend the $30,000 added money finals. 

Q. How do I become a producer of an Arkansas Elite Barrel Racing Qualifier?

A. Submit a race date request and follow the prompts. 

Q. Is there a charge to the producer to have a race qualified?

A. Yes, The charge is as follows and must be paid before the race is approved. 

● Single Race-$40 

● Weekend Race-$40 and $15 for each additional day. Example Saturday/Sunday Race $40+$15=$55 

● Series Race-$40 for First Race and $15 for each addi onal included in the series Example. 10 week series. $40+$15(8)=$160 

Q. How long before the race Is scheduled do I have to submit and pay the request?

A. 30 days. The Race information needs to be put in the schedule and on the Website Calendar and Facebook Calendar for advertisement.  The Sanction Fee Must be paid before placing your race in the calendar.

Q. Can there be multiple qualified shows happening at the same time?

A. Yes. Most requested shows will be approved. 

Q. Do I have to advertise that the show is an Arkansas Elite Barrel Racing Qualifier?

A. Yes please. A logo will be provided for flyers and Event advertisements as contestants will be looking for qualified races to get their required number of qualifiers. 

Q. At the qualified race, who is required to pay the $5 qualifier fee?

A. Any contestant who wants to participate. It is not mandatory for all runners. Contestants pay a 1 time $5 fee per race. It is the discretion of the Producer on how to collect. For Example, If taking pre-entries for a race you can have this as a question. Are you qualifying for the Arkansas Elite Barrel Racing Finals? Charge $5 in addition to the entry fee on Race day check in.